Create engaging editorial with the help of our Copywriters who have vast experiences in conveying corporate stories and marketing ideas. Our pool of business partners will manage your every need from creative copywriting to copyediting and translations.



The Group has a creative team of copywriters, full of marketing ideas and familiar with how to convey corporate stories. We are able to provide clients with first-class text editing and corporate planning services.

We help our clients to produce tailored commercial proposals suitable for their corporate culture, accurately conveying their corporate values and investor information, and at the same time create high-end platforms for them to display their corporate images.


The Group has a professional translation services subsidiary, bringing together high-quality professional translators, with multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual translation capabilities as well as extensive practical experience in translation. The translators can provide our clients with professional translation services in multiple languages with zero error.

A strong team of translators is able to provide time-sensitive financial translation services, and ensure high-security of services, accurate translation effects and effective communication of information across borders.


Maximise the visual impact of your marketing collaterals with the magic touch from our Graphic Designers and Layout Artists. Let them show you how creativeness can be woven seamlessly into the artwork while adhering to corporate guidelines and product themes.

Creative Design
Design is our first step to provide intelligent services to clients. In this process, clients will personally experience our expertise and focused attitude.

Distributed in more than 20 cities in the Asia Pacific, our over 100 designers led by 6 creative directors, equipped with first-class design concepts and rich creative experience, are ready to provide our clients with a variety of top international design styles.

Our creative designers are committed to maximizing the visual impact of our client’s printed promotional materials, and to vividly demonstrating to our clients how to perfectly integrate creative artistic expression into corporate brand guidelines and product themes.

Financial Desktop Publishing

With 30 years of experience in printing international financial reports, Xpress’ experienced desktop publishers are able to provide customers with the most professional financial chart processing and automated publishing model.

To ensure that customers get the most satisfactory expression of visual ideas, Xpress’ huge digital photo library and experienced desktop publishers have allowed customers to view their products in different creative design, layout, pictures and color combinations.


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