Print Management

Print Management is an integrated set of consultative and technological print solutions customised to address issues faced by high print volume companies when buying print. 

Our solutions aim to streamline our clients' print need processes while allowing greater control over budget, print quality and consistency with value-added features in brand compliance, print planning, warehousing and delivery logistics. 

Our vision is to be the industry leader in print management with unsurpassed reputation for reach, speed, absolute reliability and uncompromised quality, developing superb customer experiences, while being socially and environmentally conscious in our print management solutions.

Our Central Desk

Central Desk is a central operational control unit that oversees and coordinates Xpress’ entire global operations. Based in Singapore, the Central Desk plays an important role in enhancing the Group’s quality of service and price competitiveness through quality checks and control, efficient allocation of the Group’s manpower and other resources and consolidation of the Group’s major purchases to achieve economies of scale.

The division is also a central point of information and enquiries for Xpress’ global clientele. From a common print job management database, Xpress is able to monitor, track and update clients on their job production status.

As Xpress expands its geographical footprint, the Central Desk will maximise the Group’s resources by reducing duplication and streamlining its operational processes. This allows the Group to continue to serve its clients with quality products, fast turnaround production and competitive prices. 

Competitive Advantages:

On-Site Print Stations shorten supply chain, reducing cost and print production time;

Dedicated customer service teams providing value added services such as pre-press consulting, creative design, printing production; logistics and distribution needs;

Huge network and high-tech information management platform allowing VIP clients to centralize management of their printing needs at multiple locations.

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