Innovative Technology

Xpress continues to invest in innovative technologies to enhance its internal and external communications and services. The Group deploys the best technologies to ensure that it is able to continually exceed and meet customers’ needs in all aspects of pre-press, printing, and post-press fulfilment activities. Our technologies include: 


Xpress adopts an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to ensure all tasks and processes are monitored and communicated effectively from sales to production (pre-press, press and post-press) to ensure optimum and efficient productivity and delivery of print. 

Production Information System 

Xpress developed an in-house Production Information System to track and monitor the progress of clients’ projects and the Group’s workflow. Through the use of bar coding and project routing, each project is automatically prioritised and scheduled to meet its respective deadlines.

Multi-Point Video Conferencing Facilities 

Xpress’ multi-point video conferencing facilities allow our clients to have face-to-face communication with us; view their jobs; check on the quality, consistency and progress of their jobs, without leaving their offices. 

Digital Photo Library 

Xpress’ clients can tap on our extensive digital photo libraries over the internet and other broadband communication links to preview and select graphics for their publications. We also provide storage facilities for our clients’ images and photos.

Gallery Suite

Gallery Suite is a convenient software tool that is created to facilitate the design of Annual Reports and other products. It allows our clients to select and preview their designs well before the actual design job, thus eliminating hours spent briefing designers or amending artworks.

Print Wizard

Print Wizard is a customisable web based procurement system created to streamline clients' print requirements and ordering process, allowing our clients' entry to print-on-demand, job tracking, online artwork approval, digital asset management and variable data templates. 
The best use of the Print Wizard system is to capture and manage high-frequency, smaller-per-order-volume print materials such as name cards or recurring orders such as letterheads, envelopes, note pads, forms, posters, paper bags, and other marketing materials.


- Online Ordering
- Job Tracking
- Dynamic Template & Digital Asset Management
- Online Proofing & Artwork Approval
- Reporting & Control

- Monthly reports to decision making management 
- Control of print spend
- Reduce paper work
- Reduce process time and cost
- Control of printing accuracy and order quantity
- 24/7 availability

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