Unique Business Model

Xpress’ cross border network of more than 30 Print Stations are centrally managed by its Singapore Central Desk Control Centre, which undertakes the core functions of assessing each print project, prescribing solutions, supervising, coordinating and monitoring its execution.


From design brief and conceptualization to editorial work and typesetting to printing and delivery fulfilment, the Central Desk ensures that Xpress’ network capabilities, infrastructure and resources are effectively utilised to deliver the most cost-effective print solution for each job.


The unique print management business model meets the challenges of customers’ last minute demands, lower costs, speedy delivery, confidentiality and comprehensive logistics.


As part of its core features of its time-sensitive printing niche, Xpress is committed to 24/7 operations and its entire print management team is 100% dedicated to fulfilling customers' needs on time, every time, with the ultimate aim of surpassing their expectations.


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