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Brand Vision

To be recognised as the industry leader and a global icon in the market for fast turnaround and time-sensitive printing services.


Brand Mission

To consistently set itself as the industry benchmark for quality, speed and reliability in its products and services.


Brand Logo


Since June 2009, the Xpress Signature has been a registered Trade Mark of Xpress Holdings Ltd, under the Singapore Trade Marks Act 1998.


The Xpress Signature consists of the two most important visual elements of the Brand, the Xpress Icon and Word Mark.

The Xpress Icon reflects the process of offset lithographic printing and the incredible speed of our service. It represents innovation, constant evolution, movement and rapid development. The logotype shows the modern yet solid foundation of the Xpress Group.


Colour Representation

The colour representation of the Xpress Signature reflects the Group’s vision and mission statements and its core values.


Red, a colour that symbolises energy and enthusiasm, resembles Xpress’ constant strive to attain personal excellence through perseverance, agility and teamwork – fulfilling its promises in delivery of exceptional quality services at great speed.


Yellow, associated with royalty in the Chinese culture, represents Xpress’ determination to become a responsible market leader that stands out from the crowd, by its innovation and integrity – always setting the industry benchmark. Yellow is also associated with passion and dedication, as evident in Xpress’ focus in ensuring customer satisfaction.


Orange, a combination of red and yellow, imparts a sense of establishment that represents its firm foundation in the marketplace.


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