Asset Management

Information presented in asset management reports are important as they provide the most current and relevant advice to investors. The reports introduce investment opportunities and monitor fund performances.

With Xpress’ proven record of well-coordinated print expertise and extensive regional presence, we provide a wide range of services to our clients that few printers can offer. Our services include:

(a) On-demand design/layout artist – our layout artists are trained to seamlessly adapt our clients’ corporate guidelines and the product theme to all marketing collaterals such as brochures, posters and newspaper ads and ensure adherence to corporate guidelines and design consistency;

(b) Split printing capability – our extensive network of authorised printers and logistic partners in the PRC mean that a project can be printed in multiple stations and delivered to where our clients want and on time;

(c) Product ideas for fund launches and campaigns – we help our clients source and create new marketing materials that stand out for fund launches and marketing campaigns, and weave these ideas seamlessly into product themes before adapting them in all collaterals;

(d) Extensive industry network and good relationships with distributors – we have formed an extensive business network with the corporate banking industry and are well-versed in their corporate guidelines, freeing our clients from having to deal with corporate image requirements in their collaterals or liaising with them for last-minute delivery of printed materials; and

(e) Translation and mailing capabilities – we offer multilingual translation and mailing services through our network of partners and joint-venture companies.



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